New Tactic To Identity Theft Dont Get Caught

New Tactic To Identity Theft Dont Get Caught

New approach to identity theft, don't get found hanging! - Nashville fountain of youth

David called his banking and learned he'd about $2,200 in his accounts that he couldn't take into account! Was it a surprising stroke of luck? He checked his e-mail accounts from his bank and was notified that his bank had frozen his accounts for suspicious activity. He was in shock!

While checking for other information, Steve understood his computer's firewall was switched off. This is unpleasant; he always held the firewall turned on. He had been able to recover the firewall to the on position.

The branch supervisor examined the consideration background and asked John to explain why he'd shifted his account to an out-of-state place, over 1,000 miles apart.

This is disturbing info. He thought back over the past week and remembered obtaining two words from the lender.

The manager reviewed his accounts and noticed that the check for $2500 had been transferred in the account in the new account place. Afterward $200 was taken, nearly instantaneously. While they discussed, four more efforts were built to get added money from John's accounts.

This scenario was reported to the lender 's fraud department. John asked how this might have happened to him? The manager confirmed that some one using his account number and social security number had applied on line for the adjustments to his account. Some pc spyware can enter a computer, turn off the firewall, and transmit banking info into a remote place. Here is the likely scenario that John faced.

By Monday, the banking checked the check was legitimate, driven on an account with several thousands of dollars in the accounts. The difficulty was, the check was made out in Steve title, and somebody else had signed his name to the transferred check. The check memo stated: For Haitian Aid Account.

Someone was adding forged checks into his account and withdrawing the funds for private use. This is a clever method to do money-laundering. Meanwhile the culprit will be free to continue cashing forged checks.

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Document a police statement.

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